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Jewellery Care

925 Sterling Silver & 925 Sterling Silver 24k Gold Plated (Gold Vermeil) 


Overtime sterling silver and gold will tarnish/oxidise and start to look slightly dull in colour especially when worn in certain waters that contain chemicals. It is very important that you are aware when to take your jewellery off.

All gold jewellery is 925 Sterling Silver plated with a 10 micron thick and hard layer of 24k gold (Gold Vermeil). As it is all plated, it’s really important to look after your jewellery to help protect the outer gold layer as much as possible. 



Avoid wearing sea glass jewellery in water as much as possible. It is transparent which in some cases may affect the colouring of the glass due to the metal tarnishing underneath, mainly the lighter colours. This is the same for both sterling silver and gold vermeil sea glass jewellery. 

All signets, plain bands, opals or any gem stones other than sea glass is fine to wear in water. Just make sure to rinse your jewellery off with fresh water after being worn in the ocean.    

Make sure to take you any jewellery off before going in any spas, swimming pools and also when using cleaning products. These chemicals such as chlorine and bromine can cause your jewellery to tarnish.   

The more chemicals you expose it to or the more you wear your sea glass jewellery in water, the quicker the tarnishing process will occur.


Lotions and Perfumes

If you are using any lotions or perfumes, apply them first and let them dry before putting your jewellery on. These also contain chemicals that can speed up the tarnishing process.


When to take your jewellery off

To prevent any breakage/damage to your jewellery, it is recommended to take your pieces off when doing exercise, gardening, household chores etc. This is especially recommended for all gold plated jewellery to help preserve the gold layer.  



Overtime jewellery can start to look dull, this is normal. Simply use a jewellery polishing cloth or just a micro-fibre cloth to gently polish the gold/silver back up to make it shiny again. 


How to store your jewellery

Make sure not to store your jewellery in your bathroom or around any moisture. It is best to keep in a dry safe place, preferably in a sealed bag or box. The box your jewellery pieces come in is perfect for that!


Overtime, if your gold jewellery shows signs of wear/tarnishing and a polishing cloth can no longer bring the brightness back, we do offer getting the vermeil redone. Please send an email at  







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