Jewellery Care

925 Sterling Silver


Overtime sterling silver will tarnish/oxidise and start to look slightly dull in colour especially when worn in certain waters that contain chemicals. It is very important that you are aware when to take your jewellery off.



Most of our jewellery pieces are made with sea glass which is fine to wear in some waters but please be aware, the more chemicals you expose it to or the more you wear your sea glass jewellery in water, the quicker the tarnishing process will occur.

Do not wear any jewellery in swimming pools, hot springs, spars and hot tubs as they all contain very harsh chemicals such as chlorine and sulphur.

If you do accidentally forget to take it off, make sure to rinse with fresh water and dry it afterwards.

Sea glass is transparent in some colours especially the lighter ones so this may affect the colour of the glass due to the silver tarnishing underneath.


Lotions and Perfumes

If you are using any lotions or perfumes, apply them first and let them dry before putting your jewellery on. These also contain chemicals that can speed up the tarnishing process.


When to take your jewellery off

To prevent any breakage/damage to your jewellery, it is recommended to take your pieces off when doing exercise, gardening, household chores etc.



Overtime silver does start to look dull, this is normal. Simply use a jewellery polishing cloth or just a micro-fibre cloth to gently polish the silver back up to make it shiny again. 


How to store your jewellery

Make sure not to store your jewellery in your bathroom or around any moisture. It is best to keep in a dry safe place, preferably in a sealed bag. The bags your jewellery pieces come in is perfect for that!